Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Significance of Blogging

Blogging is define as a website containing an online personal paper with opinions, activities, experiences, reflections, comments and sometimes hyperlinks given by the writer.
Blogging is very important since search engines reiterate that the content of the website should be up to date and with fresh content. Blogging has been known long as something created individually as a niche website which allows people to have a little bit of web presence. But in reality, blogging has the possibility to be more than that.
Loyal and possible customers are the group of people that matter in the business. In this modern world, where there is a lot of competition, it is not recommended to solely rely on websites that are controlled by the users because a lot of these websites sometimes give information that are wrong or views that are biased. A blog in business viewed original and official. If the feedback that is given is good for a product manufacturer or provider for service more attention will be paid for it from the users.  Such reviews will not be biased, based on realities and authentic. Some company’s cannot take risks of giving information that are misguided. Having a business blog is necessary in your marketing strategy.

Here are following reasons why blogging is important:

Direct traffic to your site
When you create relatable content that can attract more people to your site, your blog will be the basis for your platforms on your social media. The more people that will check your site, the more traffic it will make to your site. If you have accounts on sites on Facebook or Twitter, make sure you give your viewers reasons to click through your site, and also, post links directly in your blog articles so that you can direct your viewers correctly. The more blogs that you will post the more traffic will be generated. You can do this by creating multiple blogs that relates to the subject you presented. This way, it can increase your presence in the site.

Growth in your SERP/SEO
New content is the key to increase traffic in your site thereby increasing your SEO. This is the way you can defeat your competitors in the results in the search engine page. Use keywords, topics and categories that you want your business to be found. Blogging regularly will automatically increase your keywords in the search.  If you are spending time to make a blog, then make sure that your blog will be seen in the search engines. It does not have to be solely for SEO only, but the basic elements of SEO should be there.

Placing your brand as a head brand
If your articles or blogs is written right, then it will show that your company is the leader in the industry. When you post topics which can voice out your market and can display your expertise, you are in a way marketing your skills for services, product or business you are offering.  Let us take for example, if you are into retailing, write blogs about your products, services or business. You will be the authority for the certain products that they desired.  Be the right place or venue for your own industry. Build trust. If you can show that you know your field well, it will attract more consumers to trust you to give what they want. They also gain benefit from the knowledge you are giving them.

Creating improved relationships with customers
Blogs is a way to communicate with your customer therefore deepening the relationship.  Through online, your clients can access right away on your website, your client will be able to know more about your business or product. As I have stated from the previous paragraph, by being the source of information, you can in turn build trust. Think of yourself if you are the consumer. We all want to be informed right? Then keep them informed and be thankful that you are the one doing the teaching. Respond to comments and converse with your consumer. A blog is searchable in general on your site for a time; meaning to say, the interactions and comments lasts longer.

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