Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Group is one of the features of the social networking service which is the LinkedIn. This grouping will be a venue for people who are into the same likes or the same commerce. In this clustering they can share topics, make inquiries and find answers, hire for job openings and view postings of the jobs available. They can also create directories for the business and can be an authority in their industry.  You can be a member of the group or you can create it.
The Groups features are the following:

Group Managers or Founders:
Choice of the Manager: Place your cursor over the Hero Image and click the arrow inside the image, so you can see the topics presented in the Manager’s Choice. Click the Search tab and on the left side of the page, choose Set Manager’s Choice Order.
The Image Hero: This is the picture identifying your cluster which a crumpled paper is the default image. It requires a minimum of 646 x 200 pixels, 2 MB as the maximum size and PNG, JPEG or GIF is the format of the picture.

Group Members:
List of Members- Even if the Members tab is taken, you can check the number of members in the group. If you see the Discussions tab, the number of groups is placed in the far right of this tab.
Leaving the Group- Place your cursor over the Member tab near the top right on the Discussions page. When the cursor is over the button name, it will change to Leave. Click it and to confirm click it again.
Link Attachments- To put a link, go to Start a Discussion box. Write the heading and the specifics of the topics. You can paste or encode the URL to the link you want to share and a space at the end in the Add More Details box.
Link Editing- Before you share the topic and you want to correct the title and content around the link, you can do that by clicking the message inside the attachment box. Double click the content to edit. A readily available thumbnail photo can be selected if the option given is <1 of x>.
Items before in the More tab- There is an info sign on the Discussion tab , near top right and then click the tinted links in the thumbnail photo <1 if x>, so you can see the Group Statistics Profile and Rules and Settings.
Jobs or Promotions Announcements- In the Discussions tab, there is a Start a Discussion where you can announced job topics and promotions. To do this, under the Start a Discussion, next to the Discussion type, choose Job or promotion before clicking Share, and make sure both boxes have entry text.
Posts Flagging or Deleting- Click the discussion title to gain access to the discussion then place your cursor over the discussion box. In the right corner, there is an arrow pointing down and then you can choose whether to Delete, Flag as a Job or Flag as a Promotion.
Group Sharing- On the discussions tab, top area, far right is the Share sign that you can click.
Order- On the top right of your homepage there is an image where you will put your cursor and choose Privacy and Settings. Click the “Select you group display order” link from the Groups, Companies & Applications tab. Click Save Changes after selecting the order.

Joining a Group
So you finally found a group that is right for you and share the same interests that you have, and you are aching to join.

Here is how you can do that:
In the Discussions page of the group or anywhere you see the tab, click Join.
If you receive an invite from a group member or manager, answer it.
It is important to note that, managers of the group may check your request or additional details may be requested of you making sure you meet the standards of the membership.

Spams and Focusing on Discussion
There is a steady flow of spams and self- promotion because of the nature of groups having the capacity to access a large crowd without thinking much about spams and solution if it happens. The email address of members is not inspected to check if they are spammers.
People should concentrate on ones with questions or discussions by checking the quality of the discussions especially those topics which are relevant to you or you share the same interests with. You have to constantly check the topics making sure it is not mostly promotional.

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