Thursday, January 28, 2016

The SEO Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is known for its pyramid diagram for the human basic needs, each ofthe tier represents needs and to achieve the highest tier the below tier should be satisfied first. The base of the tier in the pyramid represents the most basic needs that a human should attain. To achieve the highest tier in the pyramid, a person must attain the basic needs or satisfy the basic needs in the lower tier. Like Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, in Search Engine Optimization, fundamental sites requirements must be secure and ensure before committing resources to higher objectives located at the top of the pyramid.

Analytic and Web Intelligence
The first level of Search Engine Optimization Hierarchy of Needs is the analytic implementation and analysis. Without the data that tracks visitors to visit your site, there is nobaseline from which to measure the effect of SEO efforts. And without the analytics data, it is impossible to understand your site by your target audience.

Keywords and Content
It is a challenge for every owner of the site to perfect the content site. Knowing where and how to start a site can also be a difficult task. It is in the content of your site that search engine and human user will know what your site is about, what is expected to get in your site and where its expertise lies. Every aspect of the content, it may be a text, images, video and etc is needed to clearly explain to the audience and what the subject matter is.

The search engine will look at the Meta data used such as in the page title, description, and other tags determine the subject of the page. The on-page elements of the Web pag should also support the content of the siteand the server configuration of the site should reflect crawl and indexing preferences.

Usability and Optimized Web Design
With the web site usability, it seeks to optimize the user’s holistic experienve of the site. These questions are considered: did they find what they expected when first landing on the site? Did the landing page meet their needs? Did the image and text of the site gets their attention?
Usability are very helpful tools in optimizing the site. Your goals should include understanding the site’s perfomane, its ease of use as well as the user’s recall and emotional response to the site.

Link Development
Having a site content structure and design in the peak condition, a marketer can start then soliciting links and the organization can become active in the online social communities. Before you be confident with your site to develop inbound links, make sure that the content of your site is fruitful, of good quality and worth that can attract attention to links.
Links are essential in the Search Engine Optimization to be a success and a highly valued factor of search engine rankings. Links can be achieved in a variety of ways such as link magnets, linkbait and link solicitation.

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